Monday, January 17, 2011

Once again I have to apologize for abandoning my blog. I guess you just have to love me when I'm here and learn to be content when I'm not. It's tough, I know, but you can do it. If you really miss me, though, you can come and visit in person! Tomorrow night's low is predicted to be minus 13 degrees, but we do have a furnace and many warm sweatshirts and blankets so it won't be too bad!

Our Christmas trip to the warm and sunny south (Pennsylvania and Ohio) went well. Clear roads there and back again. Many siblings, cousins, in-laws and parents enjoyed. Many marvelous presents exchanged. Much laughter and joy for all. That pretty much sums it up, I think.

January 2 it was back to reality with school and basketball and work and lessons and...well, real life. God is good, though, and we're thankful that we can be involved in all of these things.

We're also thankful for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his tireless work for a holiday in January, just when we need it.

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