Friday, October 8, 2010

A Crafty Fellow

Now that poor Sam has been abandoned by all of his older siblings for most of every weekday, he has had to turn to other sources for his entertainment. Of course, his first choice is TV, movies and video games. But, occasionally, his mean 'ol mom puts a moratorium on the screens and forces him to do something else. One of his favorite activities has been these tiny neon beads.

The kit comes with four templates and a gajillion little beads. Sam spends a long time, often in silence, sometimes explaining some video game to his half-listening mother, putting these beads onto the little spikes. When all are in place, mom goes and irons the whole thing so that the beads melt together and we get shapes like...

Sam enjoys the work and is proud of the product. I like the quiet and the fact that he's not ruining brain cells in front of a screen. Happiness reigns. And all for the cost of a bead kit! It's no substitute for siblings, but it'll do.


  1. We love perler beads at our house too! (I dont know if that is how you spell it...but they are perfect for a rainy day!)

  2. do you have the glow in the dark beads? they have been the favorites here. :)